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 Newport Water District | Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions are answered here. If you do not find the answer to your questions, please email us at nwdoffice@myfairpoint.net or call our office 207-368-4314 

Is fluoride added to the water? 

Yes. The Town of Newport voted to have fluoride added to the public water system.

Is the water treated with chlorine?

Yes. Sodium hypochlorite is added to disinfect the water. Typical dosage is 1.0 ppm.

Water is billed in cubic feet - how many gallons are in one cubic foot of water?

There are approximately 7.48052  gallons in one cubic foot; multiply 7.48052  times the number of cubic feet of consumption on your bill to determine how many gallons were used.

What is the minimum monthly bill? For what amount of water?

The current minimum monthly bill is $37.00  (plus tax if applicable) for up to 300 cubic feet; the minimum quarterly bill is $111.00 for up to 900 cubic feet.

How often does NWD send bills?

Bills are mailed monthly and quarterly; with some exceptions, commercial accounts are billed monthly and residential accounts are billed quarterly.

How much water can a family of four expect to use in a 3 month period?

Usage is a huge variable. Depending on the size of a family and how conservative a family is, consumption can range from less than 900 cf to 3600 cf.

Why is my water bill so high this month/quarter?

Your meter registers the amount of water that runs through it each month/quarter. If your bill is higher than normal for you, the first thing to do is check for leaks. Many times the culprit is a leaking flush (they can seep occasionally or quietly, making the leak difficult to detect; the District has dye-tabs available – free to our customers - for leak detection in a flush). Other places to check are leaking faucets, including outside faucets and broken pipes in the basement. If you are unable to find the cause, contact the District office and an operator can come out to assess the issue.

Is my sewer bill included with my water bill?

Newport Sanitary District is separate from the Newport Water District and does not use the Water District readings, account information or connections.

For questions regarding your sewer bills, please contact the Newport Sanitary District at 207.368.5129.

Service application

   Applying for Water Service at NWD

You may download the  application for water service with the Newport Water District below. Once complete please mail to: 

 Newport Water District
PO Box 142
Newport, ME 04953

Construction specs

 Construction Specifications for Newport Water District

The following documents contain the Newport Water Districts Standard Specifications of Construction and Materials. 

Cross Connection and Back flow Program

Nokomis Pond


Water source Protection


Shore land zoning attempts to protect our water resources by regulating the activities on land adjacent to our waterways.  Our water resources play a vital role to local economies, natural habitats, and recreational activities.

For those living in the community of Palmyra you may visit the ordinance page of the community's website to review shore land zoning for that community.

For those living in the community of Newport you may visit the ordinance page of the community's website to review shore land zoning for that community.


Access to Nokomis Pond

Access to Nokomis Pond, over Newport Water District property, has been allowed for many years through our old pump house yard off Williams Road. In 1994, NWD stopped using that piece of our property as a functional component of the water system, and in 2002, we were forced to tear down the rotting building that was the old pump house. The yard was still left open for the public to park and use for access to the Pond, even though it was not officially a public access point. As time went on, an erosion issue began to show up along the short path to the pond. NWD could not allow this erosion to continue due to the close proximity to the raw water intake for the current treatment plant. In the recent past, we have had issues with trash being left in and around the old driveway area and on two separate occasions there was human excrement along with toilet paper left right on the rocks near the edge of the pond. This issue is one that we cannot ignore.

Over the last year, NWD has worked with the Maine Drinking Water Program and the Maine DEP to take measures to restore this site to a semi-natural state. We have also been forced to post that piece of our property with "NO TRESPASSING" and "NO PARKING" signage. These postings are permanent and violators will be prosecuted. These efforts have been made to help preserve an extremely vital resource to the Towns of Newport and Palmyra. Please consider this when using Nokomis Pond. The Newport Water District does not discourage use of the Pond; we just ask you use it respectfully, and that you do not use our property to access the Pond.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please direct them to Superintendent Aaron Newhall at the Newport Water District. Come in to the office during regular business hours, 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday – Friday, or call 368-4314 to discuss. Thank you.